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Duane Dishta Zuni Artist
Zuni - HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! Museum quality hand painted drum by Duane Dishta (1946-2011), This drum is absolutely stunning, depicting the kachinas in a moonlight dance. It weighs over 52 pounds and needs to be carried by two people (there are two handles). Piece measures 34" from top to bottom, diagonally it is 34", and 32" across. It is 18" tall. The sides are also painted all the way around.  Piece is excellent condition with no issues that I can find.   
Florida residents please add sales tax. Shipping is local pick up only. If you want to make arrangements with a local art shipper in the area, I will be glad to take it to them for you, but again, you will need to make all arrangements with them.
No Returns on this piece.
sioux medicine bag. Dan Yellowhair
sioux medicine bag. Dan Yellowhair
Vintage, museum quality, fully beaded vest by an unknown artist and tribal affiliation IF ANY. I believe this to be from the 70's? from the calico print lining. It measures 24" from shoulder to the bottom before the 4" fringes. The width is 20" across, and the ties can be adjusted to open more. It is in very good condition, but I did find two small areas with bead loss - maybe 15 beads (can be repaired). The leather appears to be brain tanned, but I am not sure. The retail tag says $6000, and I did see one by this same artist a few years back in a shop in Las Vegas for $6500. 


Small glass seed beaded leather doll by an unknown artist and tribal affiliation IF ANY. This huge doll is 22" tall and 10" at widest point. She has hair braids, high top moccasins, purse, knife sheath, wide belt and choker!!. Her arms and dress and accessories are made of leather, her legs are made of cloth. Bead main color is green and has yellow, lavender, blue, red, white, black,  and pink.  Purchased from a 5th generation trader. These dolls are wonderfully made.  A must for every doll collector.


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